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Sunday, 28 November 2010

5-Pointed star with one snip

When I was about 10 years old I remember receiving a postcard from my Aunt in America. The card had an image of an of American flag where the stars had been hand appliqued on to it. She wrote that these stars were made by one snip of the scissors.

This so intrigued me and I desperately wanted to know how it was done. No one I asked knew. This was before the internet too.

It was not until my children were young and I was watching a children's TV program with them that I discovered the magic.

I have created a tutorial to share it with you, over on the Gingersnaps blog

The history behind the 5-pointed star on the American flag is interesting too. Apparently George Washington drew a flag that had 6 pointed stars on it as it is said he preferred this option. However Betsy Ross recommended a 5-pointed star. It was not favoured as it was thought it was too difficult to make. Upon which Betsy took a piece of paper and folded it. She then made one cut with the scissors a produced a symmetrical 5 pointed star. It was so impressive that the committee agreed to use her 5-pointed star on the American flag.

1 comment:

Shar said...

Very neat tutorial! I just tried it out and after doubting myself and triple checking the directions I made my own fab 5-pointed star!

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