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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Blog Holiday

I have just given myself a blog holiday and a creating holiday too! My exhibition launch was last friday and it left me feeling good but needing to be lazy for a while. I haven't really created anything since then. I have been trying to sort my workroom but even that seems to lack momentum. However I will now blog my last contribution for Stampotique which I created a while back.

Icarus Descending

A little time ago I created a similar piece which I called Fallen Angel, which sparked a thought in my mind that a similar piece would be perfect for Icarus. So here it is. 

I made a mould from some Tim Holtz wings so I could then fill them with wax. And as you all know Icarus descended to earth when his wax feathered wings melted when he flew to close to the sun. Heat gun to the ready I started to melt his wings and of course I added the sun as otherwise it would  not quite make sense.

I used 2 sticks but only one of them. This is just a brilliant stamp to have. So very useful. I do love it's simplicity. There is also a hint of Swirl Stalks another useful stamp.

I will blog again soon, I hope, and give you a look at some of the items in my show. Not stamping, more sewing. Well,  there is a tiny bit of stamping.

1 comment:

Silvia(Barnie) said...

That's a wondeful piece of art.
Enjoy your blog holiday :)

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