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Friday, 3 February 2012

Peace: Exhibition piece.

The Peace Quilt

This is my main exhibit for the show. Unfortunately my camera battery died so as yet have not got photos of the other pieces.

There is writing around the inner border of the quilt which says 
" Only without anger can you know peace" 

This writing was stamped with a glorious alphabet stamp that I searched for and eventually found on Ebay in America. The seller would not ship to UK so fortunately my friend Ali agreed to be the go between. Thank you Ali and now you can see the results of your troubles.

These words are quite a mantra for me and I was in some ways fortunate to learn this lesson when I was quite a young teenager. Yes I did have anger and I did come to realize that the main person who suffered from the anger was myself. My parents had separated waiting for a divorce and I can remember torturous times during this period. I used to take myself into my bedroom and try to ponder my feelings, which resulted in me realizing that my anger was causing me great grief and if I could manage to let go of it I would feel better.

Nearly all the fabrics are natural dyes with wonderful names like Logwood, Brazil Wood, English Madder, Iranian Madder, Safflower, Onion Skins, Golden Rod and rust. There is one chemical dye which is the Robin's Egg colour but was then over dyed with rust. A number of the fabrics have been over dyed with different or stronger solutions. Rust dyeing is amazing to do and very unpredictable.

I will blog some more of my exhibits when I get the camera going again and am at the venue. In the meantime I may well blog items that were in my previous exhibition.


Netty said...

Thank you for sharing your story and your gorgeous quilt. x

Artyjen said...

Wow! Love that natural dye has been used....looks fabulous :) Do show more.
xoxo Sioux

Shar said...

Absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful quilt and great pattern.

Cynthia Schelzig said...

good heavens this is a fabulous piece...a real beauty!!!

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