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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Growth: Gingersnaps

Over on Gingersnaps there is a new challenge just been launched on the topic Growth. To me this summed it up. How quickly our children grow. Before long they are taller than yourself. I can also remember of having big brothers. One was over 6' 2" and a good 10 years older than me. I can remember dancing with him, standing on his feet. He is still taller than me but I don't think he would appreciate me dancing on his feet now!  But I think the little fellow's expression about sums up how I used to feel about My Big Bro!


Linda Ledbetter said...

Laura, this is AWESOME!!! I love those stamps, and I adore what you did with them!

Gez said...

Oooh truly scrumptious. :) Love the red & green together. My little guy loves to stand on his big sisters feet... hope he remembers when he's big too!
Have a lovely day. Gez.xx

Crafty Dawn said...

these stamps are so odd!or quirky. I have a son who is 6ft 2 and still growing he's 16 lol so I certainly know that feeling lol

love wehat you have come up with I can't make my mind up if I love or hate these stamps lol there certainly popular

Shar said...

I think you caught that moment between siblings perfectly! My bro is 9 years older than me...totally get it!

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