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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

At home I wish I had an elephant and a peacock on the roof

This is a piece I made for the Graphicus Challenge in February. It was great fun to make and I enjoyed combining the different materials together. Quite whimsical both visually and the concept. Hope you enjoy. I certainly enjoyed making it.

I have just heard I won the challenge. How can I say I am over the moon, delighted, jumping for joy. It gives me a real buzz and a good boost.

The stamps are from Graphicus from various themeplates. I cannot remember all their names off hand but if you don't know their stamps go and have a look. and enjoy yourself.


1 comment:

Artyjen said...

Welcome to blog land......left a comment on this at picassa....hope you saw it. Great piece of work. Deserved to win hands down.

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