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Thursday, 8 October 2009


I have been thoroughly enjoying these lessons. They are just brilliant classes. Very visual learning from people who use photoshop as their profession. You see their screen and the buttons they press right in front of you. I find it so much easier than reading a book. 
I found them so great that I have also purchased the downloads. 5 weeks for $45. Each lesson is over an hour long and I will have them available to refer to over and over again.
Last week they also hosted Lesa who did an amazing lesson on masks. She even showed us how to paint with a black paint brush to reveal layers underneath. Just amazing. If you are at all interested I suggest you go check it out!!!!


sam21ski said...

Thanks for the info Laura, you don't happen to know if there is anything like this around for Paint Shop Pro 8 do you please? Cheers Sam xxxx

Laura said...

No I don't know.. You could try a google search or even email these people? They adapt their lessons for both Mac and PC. They cover both but it is not Paint Shop.

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