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Friday, 9 October 2009

Gothic Arches: Famous Person

As you can see I decided to base my Gothic Arch famous person on Leonardo Da Vinci. I thought I had to add facts to the piece so this is what I have done including a self portrait of himself. He sounds as it he was the most amazing person. He was an illegitimate child of  a Florentine notary, and Caterina, a peasant. Leonardo was an architect, musician, engineer, scientist and inventor. He wrote most of his notes using mirror writing. Some believe that this was to keep his ideas secret. Here are some other facts from Buzzle.com
  • Leonardo sketched the first parachute, first helicopter, first aeroplane, first tank, first repeating rifle, swinging bridge, paddleboat and the first motorcar.
  • Leonardo was very much interested in the possibility of human flight. He produced many studies of the flight of birds and plans for several flying machines.
  • He was also a sculptor, designer of costumes, mathematician and botanist.
  • He made maps of Europe.
  • He invented the scissors and hydraulic pumps.
  • He designed a movable bridge for the Duke of Milan.
  • He invented the bicycle 300 years before it appeared on the road.
  • He drew the plans of the first armored car in 1485. 
  • Leonardo would wear pink to make his complexion look fresh.
  • He never married or had children.
  • He was undeniably one of the greatest thinkers and well ahead of his time by hundreds of years.
These are just some of the extraordinary facts about this unique man.


~JarieLyn~ said...

Wow, he is an interesting person. He obviously was an idealist, and an innovator. Great post. Very intriguing.

Hels said...

Love this :O))

Athena said...

Lovely Arch and a very interesting subject ;).

Martina2801 said...

Great arch! Beautifully created.

Ali Manning said...

Love your piece, Laura and all those great facts!

sam21ski said...

Fab arch Laura, and wow, what a lot of information xxxx

Nancy Maxwell James said...

gorgeous arch! love the images!

Shar said...

Wonderful arch! What a great Leonardo project!

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