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Friday, 22 May 2009


This is my last minute  entry for the challenge relating to wood. The wood is a piece we saved from doing up our old house. It had layers and layers of old wallpaper and some had wonderful rich colours on them. You can see the remains of the deep blue in the background. We could not burn it all as it was part of the history of the house and they just don't make wallpaper with this quality of colour anymore. 

I have had a week of moving everything around in my work room/play room. I have a wonderful space in the attic of our house. I love it, but in some ways it is not the most practical space with the slopping roof. Most of my shelves had to be on the gable end where the chimneys ascend. They need repair and have been crumbling and producing so much mess. I have been ignoring it for as long as I could dreading the upheaval. This was the week it was. Not finished yet but I just had to stop and make something! So here it is. Hope you enjoy her.

Is anyone else the same? Once you start tidying and moving, can you find those essential ingredients you need to create?

Now I will endeavour to link to the challenge blog. I will try to add the bog label onto my blog but may well leave that until tomorrow.

No I will do it today, now!



sam21ski said...

WOW this is fantastic Laura, love your inspiration

Thanks for joining in with this weeks Lotstodo Challenge - Sam xxx

Ang C said...

A gorgeous piece!!!!

Artyjen said...

Great piece......surely there is no one who would throw out an old piece of wood like that! :)

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