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Wednesday 27 April 2016

Less is More 273: Saints, Dragons or Heros

Well I decided on Dragons for my theme.

I am really enjoying the challenge of these Less is More challenges. How to do enough but not too much, that is the question?
After applying the stamped dragon that was stamped on to mulberry paper and then attached, followed by the scipt stamp the design felt it needed just something else. But what and not too much? The three pearls in the lower corner just seemed to finish it off perfectly. Without them it felt empty. With them complete.

Art Journey Challenge 68

Art Journey's challenge this month is to decorate an envelope. So here is my contribution. Accept for one stamp the stamps used are all Art Journey stamps.

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Less is more challenge 272: Use 3 stamps

This is my contribution to Less is more challenge 272 to use just 3 stamps or 1 stamp 3 times. I opted for 3 stamps and to create a very still and calm image.
Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday 19 April 2016

April's Creative Carte Blanche: Cigar box

Well I didn't have a cigar box but what I did find was one of my Dad's tobbacco tins from when he used to smoke a pipe. Unfortunately now without lid, but as the Creative Carte Blanche challenge says, inside a box is just fine. Dad has been dead now for 20 years so it was a rather poignant and delightful alteration. My Dad loved his garden and had quite an affinity with birds. He also loved his flowers. So what we have here is a Secret Garden in remembrance of my Dad.  

The viola was stamped onto fabric by pounding it with a hammer. Then it became the top layer of a sandwich with wadding as the filling and free machined. The blackbird stamped onto fabric and stitched into place. Other elements added including a four leaf clover, ladybird and a delicate shell button. Then finally Secret Garden stamped and sewn into place.

Thursday 7 April 2016

Less is more: Colour challenge 270

Here is my contribution to Simple Less is more colour challenge 270.

I have used a cream card and stamped in the lower left hand corner. Firstly I stamped some spots from a distress stamp in light green then I over stamped with an Alice Palace stamp available from Crafty Individuals.
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